Building my blog

I am going to take time out to build my blog and understand what it is that I want. 

After seeking advice and getting wonderful feedback I realize that when I post I don’t take the time out to figure out who my target audience is and who are the people I want to connect with the most. (YA- adults)  I want to use this blog as a platform to post my stories, the things I love (pictures) sort of use it like my personal diary only it is not personal, it’s public lol. I want to be able to create a discussion, rant, show my writing skills, make videos and the whole lot! This will be my official blog and when I get some money I definitely have to change the url… still thinking of the name, I dislike the one I have now. I want to connect with other bloggers, inspire other teenagers,YA’s and be unapologetic with art. It’s important to be serious about this blog but in order to build it I need to be; 

1. Consistent 

That is something that I lack at times but with my dedication to be a writer this has to be included in the list. While planning to build this blog I swore to myself I would write up 3-4 topics a week. 

2. Time

Use my time to write and post, I need to take a day out to write and KEEP writing whether it is a blog post or stories. It’s all about using time and stop getting distracted, this is something I am a victim of. 

3. Passion

Honestly I never really had a passion for this blog but I realize that social Media is important and technology has evolved which means millions of people are active on social media and this can help me connect with a lot of people and get my work (stories) and opinions to the masses. I’ve never really been a social media fanatic, I am not going to spend an unhealthy amount of time online but I will do my best to have a decent presence and be passionate about this blog. 

4. Socialize online more 

interacting online with other bloggers, readers, writers, guest posting and e.t.c 


5. Enjoy the journey 

No matter where you want to be in life unless you are super lucky and have instant connection (which I absolutely don’t)  life is a journey. I treat everything as a learning process,in what I want to do there will be mistakes (there’s already been mistakes and there will be more mistakes) I am looking for ways to improve and better myself each day. 

SO that’s it, I am gonna go on hiatus, get myself together, come back and tackle it all! 

Building my blog

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