I believe that everyone has the right to having an opinion as long as you have valid reasons to back it up but sometimes I feel like when I state my opinion there is always and I mean ALWAYS someone ready to attack me. I think it was a couple of weeks ago when I spoke this guy about disorders and mental illness, i must have said that I think it’s sad to let what is considered as “abnormal” or “outlandish” to define them. for e.g ADHD or OCD. Now I can’t stand it when someone blames there disorder or mental illness on everything and I mean EVERYTHING, not rising above something that may seem “unfortunate” some people want pity because of it.

Now i know this is a touchy subject but that’s not the point the point is when I said what I said to this young guy he flipped out and started cussing me because I didn’t agree with him. He believed the complete opposite to what I said, that people with OCD or ADHD have no choice that their lives are stuck to that mental illness/disorder. His whole face turned bright pink and his forehead started to crease as he yelled out his views forcing me to side with him and at one point I just walked away because it was obvious that he wasn’t going to allow me to speak. Maybe someone in his family has the illness, maybe he has it which was why he was so defensive because if he took the time out to understand what I was saying and why I was saying it he wouldn’t have gone ape the way he did. That’s the thing there are people in this world who literally can’t stand it if you don’t see what you they see. They either call you the infamous I word (ignorant) or they just shut you down. There is a difference between being ignorant and having a reasonable and VALID opinion.

People that want to speak their minds find themselves having to bite their lips because no matter what there is always that one immature butt hurt person who can’t take it.  My rant is not about the mental illness or disorder because if I had a debate about it we’d be here forever it’s about people being able to speak without fearing that they will be cussed out. It’s about saying what you want to say without being harshly judged. As long as it’s reasonable and you are saying it through, could be your views, experiences or beliefs then no one should ever be attacked or be sorry for what every human is privileged to have. Like Chipmunk once said  “Opinions ain’t facts take them in and let them go”.

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