MODELING IS NOT A CAREER See just the other day no… the other week I asked a friend after watching this fashion gallery on tv with a bunch of glamourfied models taking pictures and being overly airbrushed what purpose does their career have on this earth,why the hell is modelling for sports illustrated or posing nude for a page 4 magazine considered as a career, what are they even including to this earth that is beneficial to the human race in a good way? I’m sorry i just don’t get it and i am really trying to understand but the more i think about it the more i realize that modelling is a very VERY useless job and shouldn’t even be considered as one.

Just think you have females and sometimes males who pose nude and take bikini shots of themselves in high end magazines just so that the human race can ogle at them and believe in a twisted way that their extremely edited image is what you SHOULD look like, photoshopped and fake. Yet people put so much money into their pockets only to get in return what a woman or a man who looks nothing like what you see in the papers in real life. Modelling is a farce a deceptive “career” to try and trick people into believing that its actually a sustainable job and the prettier you look the more happier you will be which is why we have many suicidal and insecure teens and women out their who generally do not know what goes on behind the scenes. They if you genuinely look like that then you must be truly happy well that is not true. Modelling in my opinion whether its taking pictures or walking down the damn runway is not a job or a career, yess i admire Naomi Campbell and think she is stunning but not for what she does, it doesn’t impact on my life or any ones life. I truly believe there is no talent involving modelling i mean seriously anyone can be a model, with the right team, right trainer, right glam squad it doesn’t take rocket science to be a damn model. You don’t have to be smart, you don’t even have to be feminine or masculine looking all you have to do is sell your soul (not literally) but sell your rights and what i mean by that is you suddenly become an asset a property where people who older, experienced will tell you what to do, what to eat, how to walk, talk, and some of them will probably hint to you to get some plastic surgery done all for what. Just to impress the greedy human race that will never be impressed anyway, its nothing special that i have seen people from different sectors of the entertainment do it. Picture, runway modelling adds to the false image of our society and portray what even THEY don’t look like all for money. With a bunch of slick gadgets, great angles and glam team they will create a new and “improved” person who doesn’t look like that in reality only to make them feel insecure and make them do things for the satisfaction of other people and they say modelling is a career but i thought a career makes you happy, a career should be tangible not something that has a shelf life, not something that exploits or harms others. If a dummy can be a model then its not a career, if its not beneficial in a reasonable way to the human race then its not a career, if it means selling your soul justifying it won’t change a thing in my opinion it is NOT a career.

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