New story: working progress


Just because i tolerate you doesn’t mean I like you, in fact i don’t even love you. I tolerate you because i have to not because i want to. I won’t respect you because you are older, younger or smarter point is if you don’t give me something to respect you for or if you don’t respect me then you asking for it does not make a blind bit of difference I won’t respect you. Just because i want to know doesn’t mean i am your FRIEND that’s just me being curious not caring, I am so bored and nosey that knowing about how miserable your life is gives me hope that mine is not as fucked as yours. Just because we “hang” out doesn’t entitle you to being my friend, if i have never told you anything personal about me, call or text you when i have a problem or care to support you in anything then you my dear are an associate a person that i use to have a good time with if all my friends aren’t available plus you are fun to hang around with so don’t be too downhearted at the truth. Notice how i only say i love you or i am extra nice to you when i need something, i only appreciate you if what you do benefits me, if its not about me then i don’t want to know in fact you don’t even exist. Just because you have known me does not in any way shape or form mean that you KNOW me because if you did you would know what i am capable of. I don’t confuse those that are around me to those that are actually THERE for me as my friends. Point is i used you, i used you so well that i am sure you are having trouble sleeping well at night because you can’t fathom how i could be so evil and dangerously cruel without you knowing about it all this time. I got you good and i hope you remember this day for the rest of your life…

I am working on a new story whilst currently editing the other ones I have. This one is a working progress, not sure yet where it is going just an idea i had a couple of days ago and i didn’t want to give too much away so feel free to tell me what you think about the opening page.

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FEY Kegs

New story: working progress

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