#bringbackourgirls is just getting popular now NOW! It irritates me that
people are just finding out about the abduction of the girls in the north side of the nigerian bording school. For those who are still living under a rock over 200 girls were kidnapped three weeks ago around april 18th and the media has just taken this into account now. I am fustrated at how people take real and horrible news lightly but care more about damn kim kardashian and kanye west’s wedding. Why is this world backwards, why do we pay attention to celebrities who shouldn’t even be celebrated and ignore little children who are possibly dead or sold into slavery we are all ressponsible for talking about gossip and bull shit that is not the centre to our daily lives but forget what is happening around the world. We are so slow to take action, i swear if the media wasn’t hounded by the victims people to talk about it they would not have done fuck all, they wouldnt have even cared. Im very sure that if people were aware of this incident earlier they would have been able to find those girls. They range from 16-18 little girls who are children, I just hope its not too late to find those girls. Follow the hashtag #bringbackourgirls.

FEY Kegs


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