Grammar can suck it


I’m the kind of person that likes to write without worrying about grammar. No seriously I love getting my ideas out on paper that the last thing I think about is where the grammar fits into a line or the whole damn story. I’m always rambling on a page that I forget oh shit a comma is supposed to go here, oh crap a full stop is supposed to go here and lets not forget the semi-colon. I don’t even know where to place these stupid things I know they are valuable but when I am writing I just toss them aside and when I need to edit that’s when they come in handy. Do I hate them? Yes with a passion but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to learn where to put my commas and colons and all the other bullshit, as a writer I can admit that I struggle with my grammar to a strong degree, I am not the best with spelling so thank god for spell check on word and I am terrible at putting the basic ones in the right place. I am not embarrassed though I should have learned this in primary school It’s just something I need to better myself at, I am probably not the only one and that’s ok, I wish we didn’t put so much focus on it but in all honesty we do. I will get there at one point where I can just accept it for what it is and learn when to use it.  Action 2014 work on my grammar.

Grammar can suck it

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