Thoughts onto Paper



When I write stories I do it for the love I have for it and the entertainment of  letting out my thoughts and imagination onto paper even as I blog I mentally smile and try to figure out how I can think so quickly and type out everything that is going on in my head without taking a pause at times. The way my brain works is interesting, I feel like if I don’t get my ideas down onto paper then In a blink of an eye I will forget them. Sometimes I feel like I don’t even think about what I am going to write before I write it, I just write it whatever it is and then for that short amount of time I will get a buzz going and when it stops that’s when Writers Block comes in and eventually when I get another idea that’s when the cycle repeats itself.

I get a lot of energy writing it’s like I am running a race with my thoughts, It has no filter, my thoughts are free and runs wild like my writing, my thoughts can be dark, happy, miserable, frightening, funny or moody.With every story I write I do it based on the mood of my mind, if my head is at an angry place I will write a scenario where my character feels nothing but that. The only way I can connect to a story is by connecting my inner thoughts to it, When it comes to writing fictional stories I believe that my mind should never EVER be filtered because my work is art and art should be expressed freely. My thoughts can never be wrong because it’s my view point, it’s how I picture things people will see it differently and that’s ok because we all don’t have the same mind. When art such as fictional stories are edited because the writer cannot handle the intensity of its  thoughts then it looses the passion of whatever it was trying to create in the first place. I believe that with every idea that pops into my mind is for a reason and somehow even when I can’t figure it out at one point I will be able to justify it. Writing for me is not a difficult task because my mind takes me to  fictional places on a daily basis that sometimes I wish I lived there in reality. I always have something to write about even when I don’t or can’t be bothered to write it. There are ALWAYS ideas glued in my head for some people they are like me and for others they have to try really hard to think of one. I love how my mind works because without it I wouldn’t be creative, I wouldn’t have a vision of how I want my story line, scene and characters to be.



Thoughts onto Paper

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