What i want to improve

This year 2014 I am trying not to be lazy and take too much of a break from writing, at least everyday I try to find the time to write and I enjoy it but I also want to learn not to get distracted easily and continue with my writing schedule. I want to read more so that it will help my writing grow for the better. I want to try to different stories from different genres and educate myself on them for e.g the stories that I would have never given a chance (horror) I will learn to appreciate them more. I want to build a fan base and not give up despite how difficult it is. I want to connect with other readers and writers and learn from them so it would better me as an aspiring writer. I want to be more active on social media and have a strong presence on wordpress, facebook, twitter, google+ e.t.c

These are half of the things I want to this year so far.

like, share, comment, follow.


What i want to improve

2 thoughts on “What i want to improve

    1. Hi Nikks, some of the goals I have set has been difficult to achieve like building a fanbase and sticking with writing everyday. I thought it would be easy before I started this whole thing but now I’m learning that if I want to succeed it’s going to take a lot of time and a lot of hardwork. p.s thanks for reading my post

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