Forget Ban bossy

I have recently stumbled upon the blogs about this successful woman who is creating a campaign to ban the word bossy. This is a term that is used against females who are ambitious or strive to do well. A group of achieving women have come together in the campaign to stop people from using the word bossy and expose the word for what it really is. Now at first I though mmm this is different but then I realized that is one of the most stupidest thing anyone can attempt to ever do, that’s like banning the N word but guess what people to this very day still say the word and you can’t deny it. We live in a psychologically inverse world where the things that’s bad for us or the things that we are not meant to do we do them, banning bossy is like telling someone to stop saying the word fuck, telling me what to do is only going to make me say the world even more in fact to the point where it will infuriate you. I think the campaign is also silly because women should not and I repeat NOT feel guilt for being called bossy, I’m pretty sure every woman in that video campaign are successful for being exactly bossy, for a lot of women they are often frowned upon because they are ambitious, strong minded, speak their mind and have a lot of aspirations and goals and this is often seen as bossy. Well you know what I say, I say forget what people think, who gives a flying shit if the people around you can’t handle your mind, those that are bossy are often successful they don’t wait on other people and search for validation, they are often leaders and if they have to be called that word because people can’t handle them well then they are the weaklins and will forever remain behind them. I think in order to get ahead you need to be bossy because that is how you indeed get taken seriously. I want to be a successful author someday and in order to get my voice heard and not to be joked around with being bossy majority of the times it is essential. Women, girl, teenagers should never ever feel bad for being called bossy in fact take it as a damn compliment!  

Forget Ban bossy

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