Check out my story Satan 7

Hey guys I am a aspiring writer from Essex who would enjoys reading, writing, communicating with other writers. I woul love to trade stories and check them out for those who like to write. Visit my story page and view a few sample draft chapters of my story Satan 7, your comment and views would be much appreciated.  

Coming from the fictional poor village of Shalack in Italy, eighteen year old Ivran Savige is sent by her father to Portugal and labour as a maid in a wealthy man’s home. As she settles in the mansion she’s the only person to witness paranormal events taking place in the house and when discovering this she warns the maids about it but they insist that she’s psychotic and has it all in her head. When she encounters Gredory Hunter a wealthy, handsome, mysterious billionaire who owns the house she begins to discover that he is not as normal as people claim he is….. 

Check out my story Satan 7

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