Oscars 2014: the late but quick reply

I know I am a bit late but I’m going to write about how happy I am for those who won. I’ve seen the academy awards for the first time and Ellen did a great job, I always thought she was overrated but most definitely she deserves her success, man was she funny on the night. Anyways the real reason of me watching it this year was to see if the people I was rooting for will win. 12 years a slave took home best picture which was well deserved (I’m not mad about that) They already made history by Steve Mqueen being the first black director to have best picture. My girl crush and superstar actress Lupita Nyong’o Won and when she did I screamed like a bitch, she defo deserved the award. The majority of people that won I wasn’t mad about but then there was one…. YES ONE! I’m sure if you haven’t been living under rock you will notice that Leonardo DI CAPRIO didn’t win… AGAIN! Through out social media, fans have expressed their sadness for him and I happen to be part of it #poorLeo #givethemanhisdamnoscar. I think it’s complete robbery and the Academy owes him after so many wonderful performances the world as you can tell regard him as one of the most talented actor to have graced our screens and still he continues to give us great movies in my opinion. Well I’m not mad because I know one day hopefully before he is 50 he will win one but even if he doesn’t he is still a sick ass actor and that is all that matters. 

FEY Kegs

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Oscars 2014: the late but quick reply

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