YA readers and writers

Hello world, it’s been long but thank god i’m back on. I am an aspiring author that specializes in the YA category, I enjoy YA stories and I am currently still re-editing my story SATAN 7 which is a young adult fiction but falls into the genre of supernatural, horror, romance, adventure and I would like for those who enjoy stories like this to check out my re-edited draft version. I would definitely love some constitutive criticism and would like to build a connection with YA readers and writers. I like to discover new stories and i mostly enjoy the entertainment it brings me, for those who love books, want to discuss a book and want to share stories I’d be happy to connect with you.

follow my blog, and follow me on twitter @FEYKegs and on google+ FEYKegs

Thanks guys

FEY Kegs

YA readers and writers

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