Oscar HYPE 2014

Now for whole of my existence I never cared about the Academy awards or what they did at the ceremony or who took home “the prize”. I’ve just always wanted to win one someday all because of the hype surrounding it not because I think it will add any value to my life, I enjoy watching what the celebs will wear on the live carpet reported by E news but this year after watching such a wonderful movie that everyone seems to be talking about for the first time in my life I am actually anticipating the Academy award. Yes you know what it is 12 years a slave, now in my opinion they deserve all the praise they are getting (the director, the actors, damn it the whole cast) I am rooting for the big winners this year and that is 12 years a slave, if you haven’t seen it SEE it then maybe you will know what I am talking about. If they win I don’t want it to define them as worthy because they already are but heyyyy I’m still supporting them anyways. After watching the movie I have fallen for the Oscar hype and I so hope that my predictions come to life.

Best Actor: Might not happen but Leonardo DiCaprio I mean come the fuck on the man has given the world wonderful movies non-stop, is a talented ass actor and always goes unrewarded, that’s a sign that you should never hold onto the validation of human beings you just have to stick to your guns and keep working which is what Leo had done. Butttt if he doesn’t win, well maybe someday.

If not Leo give it to Chiwetel Ejifor (I think that’s how you spell his name)

Best Actress: not being funny but I don’t really give a crap about who wins this, non of the actress in the line up have caught my attention but whoever wins (rumour has it Kate Blanchett will) when then good for her.

Best supporting Actor: For me and I hope so, I want Micheal Fassbender to win, he did such a great job playing a sadistic twisted master who was in love with the maltreated slave Patsey. He sure knows how to play evil whilst looking sexy at the same time. If he doesn’t win well give it to that Jared Leto guy.

Best Supporting Actress: NOWWWWW ladies and gentleman the winner of the best supporting Actress for 2014 is…. (moment of silence) LUPITA N’YONGO!!!!! I swear I HOPE this is the name I hear on the day and I”m sure I am part of the millions who wants this extraordinary woman to win because her role of Patsey in 12 years a slave has not only stuck with me but has captured a part of my soul that can never be taken back. She is such an amazing actress and I hope the Academy will see sense and not give it to Jennifer Lawrence out of likability.

Best Director: I heard that Gravity guy will get it, I want Steve to get it but if he doesn’t I hope he wins best picture because that is the top prize that I’m sure most directors would trade their director accolade for because in best picture Everybody in the movie wins. Without the directors vision the movie would not be worthy, without the actors, crew, make up artist, producer, musicians and everything that comes with the movie it would not be worthy so If Steve Mqueen wins Best picture I think that already credits him as a Best director in my opinion.

Let’s just wait and SEE….

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Oscar HYPE 2014

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