New year resolution after xmas

Hello World long time long time, yes it’s been a while since I blogged like I said before I am easily distracted and well other thing in life has taken over anyways it’s the last year of 2013 and I’m sort of excited to go into the new year, I am not really excited for Christmas because it is the same thing I do every year, stay with the family roast dinner and blah blah. I do want to thank god for a great year of joy and for letting me see everyday of 2013. As 2013 is coming to an end people are already asking me what is your new year resolution I said to be more dedicated to my online presence. See the thing is I don’t really like new year resolutions because I find it hard to stick to what I stated, last year I said I will eat less chocolate well I’m eating more mars bars than ever and I can’t stop stuffing my face with junk. I don’t like making promises that I can’t keep but I hope for once in my life this is a promise that I will follow through with. I want to be more dedicated to my online presence, write more, and read more regardless of my schedule. What’s your new year resolution????

New year resolution after xmas

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