Reasons why I will be watching the Hunger Games

Hay guys long time long time, Like I said in my other post before it is hard to keep up but hay no matter what not gonna give up. Now guess what it’s NOVEMBER and I’m going to see the next franchise of the Hunger Games: Catching Fire, I’m not hyped up or anything (well a bit but not THAT hyped up) I’m sure millions of people are dying to see it, but these are my reasons for why I want to see it.

1. Hunger Games has Jennifer Lawrence. We can’t deny Jennifer’s talent (cough cough Academy award winner proves she is all that) I’m a fan of her acting ability and I’m sure no one could of played that role (Katniss) better than her. I didn’t even know who the hell she was until I watched the Hunger Games and I thought wow I definitely have to see the whole Franchise.

2. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the second one, because I haven’t read the books the whole thing is unpredictable to me, I don’t know how it will begin or end and I want to keep it like that because I’m use to getting disappointed when I see a film adaption ahem Twilight for instance. I ‘ve decided not to even think about touching any of the books, my goal is to get through the whole franchise and then read them after.

3. What happens with Katniss and what’s his name (no not peter) her best friend… Oh yeah Gale, they kiss don’t they well at least I’ve seen it on the advert. I’m truly anticipating the day I will go and watch it this November and I’m sure there are millions of me who can’t wait too.

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Reasons why I will be watching the Hunger Games

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