Social media is slightly killing me

I’ll be honest trying to keep up with social media is difficult. See I had this goal that this year i’ll get 200 followers but boy was I in dreamland, I would class myself as someone who is trying to figure out social media and how it works, i’ve just joint this year and before I did I thought how hard could be to get real fans and use the web to promote my work but I’ll admit that I was naive, I get so easily distracted at times and sometimes I even forget to blog, with me going back to college and getting the masses of homework and on top of that still trying to write and re-edit my stories I feel like I’m about to explode. Social media is not as easy as it looks you have to be dedicated and fit in the time to interact with others how the hell can i do that when my mind is not even there. I think blogging is fun and something that I need to do in order to promote me as an aspiring writer but there are time where i’m like fuck it not because I’m lazy (i’m not even close to that) but because I’m human and I just get distracted by life. I still of course have the same dreams and will continue with my journey through social media but I understand that this is life and it will be difficult but when i finally get to where I am it will all be worth it. I guess i’ll do what I can to take things slowly rather than force myself to be attached to something, i’ve never been a social media person till now but it’s key tool to many things and must be apart of it. Lol I just felt like I needed to rant this for the day.

FEY Kegs

Social media is slightly killing me

2 thoughts on “Social media is slightly killing me

  1. Hello! Yes, you’re right promoting and networking is time-consuming and hard work! It’s no joke. I have a blog, an author page and book page on Facebook, I’m also on Google+, Goodreads, LinkedIn and Tumblr. It takes a lot of time and energy to keep up with all these sites, but if I want my book, The Basement, and my writing career to be a success this is what I have to do. Good luck and happy writing! 😉

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