Urgh feels like it’s been ages

Hay guys i feel like I have not been posting for quiet a while well I’m back to college and it’s my first week, I never found the time to just sit down and write I’ve just been figuring out how to complete the homework that I’ve suddenly been bombarded with but I really really have missed wordpress and blogging about shit so I decided to just shout out my love today of all days friday the 13th lol. Now I never believed in this day the superstitions and all that crap, I don’t see why people say it’s the cursed day is there something I’m missing here, I’ve heard many people telling me what I should and shouldn’t  do well I turned out to be fine nothing bad has happened so far. I just don’t get it…. They say you  should never yawn out loud, never let a black cat pass you, never break a mirror, never cut yourself while shaving. I really don’t understand how people can take it seriously but hey if superstitions are that deep for some people then so be it. Post again when I canxxxx

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Urgh feels like it’s been ages

One thought on “Urgh feels like it’s been ages

  1. I know exactly what you mean! Both school and work are killing me in the writing world. And about that friday the 13th, I’ve actually learned in one of my Woman Studies classes that 13 used to be a very lucky and spiritual number in the paganistic and older religions before Christianity took over the majority of the population. HA HA, sorry I just thought you might want to have a happy thought about 13. 🙂 I enjoy your posts and hope you have time time to post more in your busy life.

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