writing Horror: Satan 7

My story Satan 7 (not yet a book but will be someday) falls into the genre of Horror, supernatural, romance and adventure, check it out when you can. Before Satan 7 I had never wrote a horror or supernatural story before but I choose to challenge myself and try something different.  I think writing something out of my comfort zone is challenging but at the same time fun because I learn new things when I put my ideas down on to paper, I’ve learnt how to build up suspense, make my characters a mystery and take my storyline to dark places I never thought I was capable of. I was always use to writing romance but writing in another genre has helped me to be even more creative with how I imagine each scene, setting, sound, feeling.

Check out the draft sample chapters of it on my book/stories page. Your feedback would be amazing.

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FEY Kegs

writing Horror: Satan 7

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