Why I prefer books over e-books

I enjoy reading whether it’s ebooks or books as long as it’s a great book i’ll be into it but I do prefer books over e-books and here is why.

Books are pretty: I love how a front cover to a book looks, seeing the design physically is great because it intrigues me into reading the book more, I love feeling the thickness and texture of the book. it gives me an idea of how long  it would take for me to read it.

My eyes hurt less: When reading an e-book my eyes hurt because of the lighting but when I read a book I can read it for as long as I want without my eyes feeling like they are about to explode.

It’s easier to get on the page: E-books feels like they take forever, you kinda have to turn the power on get to the page and hopefully not wait for it to load, a book is much easier you just flip the page and it’s right there.

Books are good for shelves: If I want to create a reading shelf I could stack up on books and pick which one I want to read and plus my book shelf would look pretty.

Books are cheaper: You could find them on sale, on amazon, ebay, bogofs and well yeah…

Books are always there to remind you of why you bought it, love it and could re-read it anytime you want.

Yeah I love books more if you don’t agree feel free to comment below




Why I prefer books over e-books

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