If people read they would learn many things

If people wrote their creativity would expand

If people were determined they wouldn’t be lazy

And if people weren’t lazy they would succeed

If people could move to the next chapter they wouldn’t be stuck on the same page

If people stopped making excuses and paid attention to their potential they would accomplish great things

If people set goals no matter how big they were and strive to achieve them then they will always reach the top rather than forever bottom.

You know what…. Some of us humans are lazy and I mean LAZY! When we dream big we do that without a doubt but when we want the reality we turn our backs and return to dreamland because life seemed much better there. It’s ridiculous how undetermined some people are they believe they could never ever be successful and turn what they have craved for into something real instead they settle for less because they can’t be bothered to work their ass off, they don’t want anyone questioning them so they choose to stick to what they know and do that… for the rest of their godforsaken lives. Why on earth would you want to spend your entire bored existence working for someone else and completely forget what you were passionate about, you wanted to be a CEO but instead you are working for one, you desired to write your own stories but now some one is paying you to write for them. It’s no wonder why the people of today are miserable, spending years waking up and going to a job that they absolutely hate coming back home and complaining to their family how terrible their workplace is well I ask this why are you upset, YOU wanted this life, YOU chose to be stuck on the same page, YOU didn’t want to take control and YOU didn’t want to accomplish anything because you either feared the unknown or created thousands of excuses that you could find in the book. It’s sad how humans could marvel at another persons success wish they were just as successful as they are but don’t do squat all, didn’t they work hard the way you didn’t, didn’t they bust their asses go through hell and back the way you didn’t, weren’t they are the bottom the same way you are now and look because they are somebody you now wish that was you. It’s crazyyyyy!

The ironic thing is that could be you, working with something you love and getting paid lots and lots of money but choosing the ridiculously stupid route where successes is not an option and nothing delightful happens in your world, yessss that’s the road many people would like to go. If I told you this it’d be way harsher than how I’m writing it. Make something of yourself regardless of the age don’t wait till you’re old and grey look back and say what if, you’ll regret all the things you didn’t do while you were young and while you are getting your pension money from the work you always detested you’ll then tell yourself I should have/ I could have. I’m a young teenager under the age of 20 and I REFUSE to let excuses or “life” get in the way of what I want to do.

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One thought on “DAMN HUMANS ARE LAZY

  1. Very inspirational and I admire your zest for life. The only thing I would say is what’s considered an accomplishment changes for many throughout my life. For instance, I used to feel depressed about my job and felt like I wasn’t pursuing my dreams, but now I think about what dreams my one year old daughter will have, and being her father fulfills me than any job or other accomplishment in life possibly could. Great post 🙂

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