The tears and joy of writing

Hello world how are you for those who don’t know me I’m FEY Kegs an aspiring author/ writer who would love to be published someday and be successful at what I do giving up is not an option for me which is why I will see my story though until it gets the exposure it deserves. It’s obvious that in order to be an author you have to have a book or at least a manuscript which what I’m working on right now before I possibly get lucky and an agent decides to give me a chance and represent me… YES now that would be a dream. I’m new to finishing something that I start I’m not going to lie I have always been a giver uper (that’s not a word) not because I want to it’s because I get 1, bored, 2 I make excuses 3. Something gets in the way but NOW oh Now It’s like everything from 2012 had changed for me, life experiences has taught me to keep going and the doubts that so called bitches (cough cough) I mean family or  friends have doubted what I could do and this is me getting to the point and writing that damn story (Called Satan 7)  to prove them wrong but GOD I’m not the only who feels this way it’s…so…bloody…HARD!!!

This is why I call it tears and joy when writing a story


RE-editing now every author goes through this having to go back to your drafted work, read through the long number of hectic pages and think to yourself GAH well will I ever be done, you read and read and kick yourself for typing this much, you have to get it completed but oh it’s sooooo long.


It’s so hard to get people to read your craft nowadays because let’s face it when you’re nobody no one has nothing to owe you therefore no body gives a shit about how long and how hard you’ve worked but… When you do find someone who is into your work you want them to give you that constructive criticism you’re not going to get that from your family as the lot of them are biased so in order to do that (get reviews and blah blah) you have to publish online, market, socialize and yes it is hectic and at times you (I) will find it frustrating but it will be worth it in the end.


Urghhhh I HATE getting this it’s sooooo frustrating whenever I get this I always have something good to put down on paper but then when it’s time to type it out my mind just goes blank and I find that what I thought in my head made more sense and was well thought out a minute ago.


IT’S MY CRAFT, my work, my art, my characters, my story line and whatever credit I get for it hahaha it will all be MINE! Yesss mine and if you don’t like well it’s to bad because I wrote it.


once I’m done and I’m completely done with the story I swear I am going to do… NOTHING but give myself a pat on the back and congratulate myself for seeing it through after the hot and bothered sweating, it’s finally over!!!


It’s my mind, no one had to write it down for me, no one told me how the story should go and what kind of character should be in it, it’s all from my imagination and from what I feel. Being creative for me is the best gift ever.


Just like a relationship, family and friends There are times where I can’t stand it and there are times (most times) where I love it, you can’t always be passionate there will be times where you’ll want to rip the strands out of your hair because of it but if you know the worth of it you’ll end up bringing yourself back to it.

What are your TEARS AND JOYS of writing

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FEY Kegs


The tears and joy of writing

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