Why I CAN’T stand cliches in books (and romance books)

When I pick up a brand new book I always hope that it would live up to the standard of the blurb, it has to be good enough for it to have captured my interest or else I wouldn’t have even thought about it. Let’s face it i’m probably not the only one but after the FIRST page if I am not moved or feel like I’m compelled to read on the chances are very slight when it comes to me turning that page I’ll probably dump the book somewhere and curse myself for even considering it.  When I do decide to read a book  I normally from the first three chapters figure out what is going to happen. The plot is so predictable that I can’t help but role my eyes and sigh to myself like I haven’t read the same thing all OVER again but just in a different context. Urgh we all know that Cliches always have that happy ending in a romance story, boy meets girl, girl meets boy, one of them is a misfit and broken beyond repair but then love conquers all and they both get what they want in the end and blah blah. I just wish it wasn’t that simple, I wish stories would stop feeding us too many  lies when it comes to fairy tale love, I love romance but at times I love a bit of action mixed with something that would completely surprise me to where my jaw drops and eyes bulge. I’ve lost count on how many times a female character has used the words “I’m Pregnant” as a surprise to her partner urgh it’s so unoriginal, how about I slept with your best friend on a drunken night and the kid may not be yours now THAT is a good twist, evil but a good twist you have readers thinking that everything is all good with the characters and then you lay that bombshell on them, WHOA!  As a reader and writer I enjoy checking out and doing things I have never done before, I love being surprised out of the blue not figuring out things to the point where I can tell the damn story. When I write sometimes I even shock myself and that is what puts life into a good book not something you’ve seen in a Chick flick.  I wish I read challenging plots that caused me to think and turn the page continuously until I’m desperate to get to the end. 

If you feel the same feel free to share your thoughts. 

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Why I CAN’T stand cliches in books (and romance books)

3 thoughts on “Why I CAN’T stand cliches in books (and romance books)

  1. I understand what you are staying romanace novels, and I share the same views. Perhaps I could change your mind about my story? Come visit and see if its the same Cliche. Or boring!

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