Why I am inspired to write in the category of YA

Most of the books I have read in my life were in the YA category I’ve always had a feel for them because there’s something about them that puts a smile on my face that the adult books couldn’t. Well I’m a teenager which means I can relate to the characters as most of the times they are around my age. The events that takes place in the books are easier to visualize and puts me in the circumstance to feel how it would be if I was in the book.  Most of the young characters go though the everyday struggling life of a teenager, boys, girls, relationship, mum, dad, school, bullying all the things young adults have been through, no one wants someone that lives a perfect life, we want the characters to be as flawed as our lives are. Now I know I’m not the only one but everytime I’m reading a YA book I feel like I am being taken on an adventure of my life  to the point where I don’t want to return to reality and when it ends I feel a little disappointed whether it’s fantasy, romance, supernatural the point is that it felt real regardless of the fact that it’s fictional. The thing that I also adore about YA stories is that the teenage characters are always naive or a little bit slow it shows some form of reality because believe it or not THAT IS HOW a young teenager acts, we don’t know all the answers, we are not smart to the fullest, we are just trying to make it through life despite the harsh things life thrown at us we are inexperienced and far from perfect. These are the reason why I’m inspired to write in the category of YA I’m sure that Young teenagers would be able to understand the story that I have to tell. If you have your own reasons for loving YA books feel free to comment below. 

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Why I am inspired to write in the category of YA

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