Stupid BS that comes out of people’s trap

I’ve recently figured out that a lot of people say the most silliest things and thinks that it makes sense when really it’s just the crap and bull that’s flying out of their un- thoughtful yessss UNTHOUGHTFUL   mouths ( unthoughtful is not a word)

These are the top bullshit words I normally here, If you relate please share.

1. You’re pretty for a fat girl ok erm so what are you trying to say all fast people are ugly, that’s not even a compliment that’s something that started of semi nice and ended with  the most ridiculous words at the end MOVING ON!

2. He’s too cute to be gay….urghh I don’t get it sooo basically  guys that are entitled to being homosexual are ONLY  ugly guys (What does that even mean)

3. You speak like a White person, OK can someone tell me how a “white person” speaks, I didn’t know there was a particular language or accent that every white person speaks in that classifies me as someone who is trying to speak WHITE when FIRST of all everyone is different, secondly that’s what a stereotypical, simple minded ignorant fool would say and thirdly how you speak doesn’t belong to ONLY that race. for eg I’m black and I could speak Chinese, you could be Asian and speak Italian…

4. Why do you laugh like that? Unless my laughter is fake I can’t change it the same way you can’t change the sound that comes out of my mouth.

5. Why do you like eating? Because I’m allergic to food NAHHHH if I didn’t I would die you foolish prat

6. Why are you so tall? that’s like me asking Why are you so small

7. You look like someone Noooo I LOOK like me

8. Your face is familiar have I met you before. Obviously not because if you have you wouldn’t forget it (wink wink)

9. You’re so dark. Yeah and you’re so pale It’s called… GENETICS!!!

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Stupid BS that comes out of people’s trap

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