Reality shows are for the Ratchet

Ok I like no I LOVE real housewives of Atlanta after watching one episode I was already hooked, Why I was infatuated with seeing the drama of 5 (or is it six) middle aged women hollering and arguing over bullshit that was unnecessary, and spilling out their lives on the camera for us sane-minded people to see for the sake of entertainment and money…. But why is watching a bunch of strangers on tv so entertaining? Because and here is a big BECAUSE we as horrible human beings ENJOY seeing other people in turmoil and pain let’s face it we thrive off of juicy drama, we adore watching people getting at it and if it was up to us we won’t do nothing but just sit back and get the popcorn ready I mean come on have you ever witnessed a fight in public and stopped to have a look not because you wanted to break it up because you wanted to see someone’s ass whopped but because you had to catch that train, or get those shoes before that store closes you couldn’t see anymore of it even though you really really wanted to.  HAH that’s life it’s ugly but even I can say I’m guilty of that. Reality shows are definitely for the ratchet (for those who don’t know what ratchet means, it’s ghetto, stupid. waste. ridiculous) yh yh. I say this because it’s the simple truth, it’s a bunch of fame whores that would do anything for attention even if it means selling out their lives, secrets dignity all for the price of money and the glamour life, when really it’s just a bunch of fabrication so that we will think that that’s how they actually live. They come with a bunch of fake story lines, desperate to gain views, argue with families, break up their marriage,  even bring their children to the screen and we call these simple-minded people celebrities but GUESS WHAT what have they actually done other than look good for the camera, it’s not like they sing, write, dance, IT’S RIDICULOUS!

Reality shows are the most watched in the entire world, they stop real actors from getting jobs, tv shows from airing because the network is filled with what would make them money so they’d rather get rid of value and sense and swap it for two women quarreling over a man. I get it is a business and we all have to live to survive and I’m not going to act like I don’t watch it, I understand that it’s people like me who put money in their pockets but that doesn’t mean I don’t laugh at how stupid they look, that doesn’t mean I don’t judge them and when I do this I think to myself wow many other people are watching them and probably think the same thing, putting your public life and meaningless self-worth on display and when we laugh at them, crack jokes at them they can’t stand IT. It’s funny how anyone could be famous nowadays, it’s funny how much money a bunch of women can make from the popularity of these shows over a doctor, teacher even lawyer, but hay I could watch them, make a mockery out of them all I can state is In my opinion reality shows ARE for the ratchet.

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Reality shows are for the Ratchet

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