Today I want to discuss about the death penalty and if it should be reinforced in every country or not. If a person who took the life of another human being is put on trial should he or she face the severe consequences of the death penalty or should such a thing never exist. I’ve encountered a debate with my peers at college based on this topic, half of the people in my class were for it and the other were against. There was no fifty fifty option in this scenario once you made your choice in the debate I participated in there was no going back so I went with the decision to go against it. I stood by my choice of not wanting the death penalty to return because of my morals, religion, and human rights all three things I believe in until a boy in my class gave me a scenario consisting of my older sister and a complete stranger walking up to the both of us and randomly stabbing her in the heart right in front of my eyes then flees away. My sister looses too much blood to the point where it results to her death what would I do? Would I want this stranger locked up and throw away the key OR would I want to see that persons life taken from him or her the same way that person took my sister’s life an eye for an eye.

I couldn’t find the words to speak all I could do was replay the scene in my head and the first thing I thought of was the second option, my morals, human rights and religion went straight out of my head and I began to get so hot and bothered thinking about why I would want anyone who harms my family to live. I would want them dead….Instantly. I was always too quick to state my opinion and defend it because I have never been put in a difficult position of where the scenario was about me and because it was I quickly changed my against and turned it into a for making me look unsure about the subject in front of my colleagues… To this very day I’m still not sure, it amazed me on how this boy could make me see a whole different light when it came to a situation like this. I want to know what do YOU think, it doesn’t have to be this scenario or include your family should the death penalty return in every country or not, should the judge be entitled to take the life of a suspected murderer.



2 thoughts on “TO KILL OR NOT TO KILL

  1. The problem with the death penalty is that all cases are not clear cut. So what happens if the wrong man or woman is convicted? The judicial system is flawed (to say the least), and wrongly accused people have been incarcerated and put to death only to find out after the fact that the person was innocent. Death is too final a decision to leave to imperfect people to determine. Only God should decide who lives and who dies.

    1. Your so right Vashti this was the point i used in the debate when I was aganist it, i’m a christian and i do believe that only god can take the life of another human being, but what if you were in scenario where some one you knew was killed and the muderer was guilty and confessed that he killed that person who was close to you, what is your honest take on that. ps thanks for taking the time to comment.

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