What would I do if I made millions from writing

So my dream is to be an author first and I would love to accomplish that and get published before i’m 24, I always wondered what it would be like if I reached my success and made enough money for me to live off of my career, being a full-time writer and gaining the gold in exchange is all I ever think about despite what people say that it’s hard work, there’s no guarantee and blah blah in my world there is one and I hope to strive for nothing but success, it will take some time but it will be worth it. I would love to make lots of money from what I love doing who doesn’t I mean that’s the only way we can survive on this earth if I became a multi-millionaire from writing this is what I said I will do

>Find a dream house buy it and move out of my parents home

>Give my mother a share of my millions

>Put some of my money in my savings in case I need it for a rainy day

> Learn how to drive and then when I pass get a shiny car

> I love hair and because of my love for hair extensions I will probably buy stacks and stack of them


>Get a walk in wardrobe and fill it with clothes, heels, flats, skinny jeans (every colour) tops, blazers, the list goes on


>INVEST, INVEST, INVEST you never know I might want to start a business in the future

I think that’s about it there’s probably more I would do but right now this what comes to mind. For all those who aspire to be an author what would you do if you made millions from your career.

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FEY Kegs

What would I do if I made millions from writing

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