I don’t see why people use the word I made a mistake or people makes mistakes I feel like we as humans over use the word incorrectly in the wrong context just to justify our reasons so there will be no consequences. For e.g If you cheat on a partner cheater says: it was a mistake baby It didn’t mean anything” If you steal or lie “I shouldn’t have done that, I made a mistake” If you punch someone directly in the face knowing full well the pain you’d cause them… WELL was that still a mistake. I get fed up when this word pops up and I remind those that use it wrongly YOU didn’t make a mistake you made a choice a total difference. A mistake in my opinion is accidental you thought it was RIGHT but it ended up being wrong like an exam for e.g you thought your answers to a question was right but it ended up being incorrect (accidental/it wasn’t supposed to happen/ you didn’t intend to get it wrong) or when you collide into a car that suddenly appears behind you (accident/ you didn’t see it/ unintentional) or when you participate in sexual activities and you’re wearing protection but you end up pregnant because the contraception snapped THAT was a mistake because like I said again you and your partner was doing the right thing but something went wrong…

Choices is no where near a mistake, when a cheater cheats on his/her partner he/she KNEW what he was doing he/she knows full well that it’s wrong and it shouldn’t happen now unless they are being held at gun point or forced to do what they’re doing they made a complete choice to cheat.Their free will, their body, mind, and everything else that came with it was all a CHOICE made by them. It’s the same as a liar, a thief, a con-artist, e.t.c people make decisions to do what they do all on their own the word mistake doesn’t come into it if it’s intentional, we have the will, power and mind to do whatever the hell we as humans want but when we do something wrong we suddenly blame it on MISTAKE urgh pathetic we need to learn how to man up and take responsibilities for shit that we do  .

I wish people knew the difference and stopped trying to make the word overrated. IF you did something on purpose knowing full well whats going on or what’s about to happen IT was a choice, If it was unintentional and you weren’t aware it was a mistake.

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