The R word urgh REJECTION

SO I want to be an author well I want to be many things but being an author is the first thing that I want to accomplish I’ve just finished writing my story Satan 7 which is the only thing I’ve ever completed in my life I’ve always written stories but never finished them because I never had the courage to but now everything has changed and I realized that writing is something I’m good at and I love so I thought you know what when I’m done with the story I’m going to build a massive fan base gradually and share some of my chapters to the world and whilst I’m doing that the first step in order to get published is to find an agent so they can represent my material.Now people have told me that when sending my sample chapters slash hard work to the agencies one thing first I MUST prepare for is…REJECTION yes just when I’m writing my life away thinking that there’s no way anyone can turn my story down because it’s too interesting I step out of fantasy land and bounce back to reality, I learnt to stop being dumb and realize that I will get rejected in life that’s what you have to go through when you want to be successful, you’ll find people who feel the need to throw your hard work in your face sometimes not intentionally but for other reasons and for some people it only means that they have just crushed their dreams.Well not to me I have applied for 20 agencies and have been rejected by 5 so far and you know what I don’t feel like I want to stop, I don’t feel like it’s over or I’m about to give up I just get it… I get how this game works I know that the process of where I want to get to requires rejection a whole lot of NO’s and so on but I know that someday one day I will get there, I understand that hard work, consistency faith and believe will help me in journey that I’m on and once I’m there rejection can kiss my left ass alongside with all the people who are responsible for it . Anyone out there who feels what I’m feeling and also wants to be an author or whatever just know that the word no doesn’t stop there when one door closes another one opens so far for me 5 has but I won’t give up and neither should you….

ps if I do find an agent you all will be the first to knowxxx

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The R word urgh REJECTION

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