F people who think you can’t

Never let anyone stop you from living your life and follow your dreams no matter how difficult it seems to get there no matter how competitive or how high and mighty the career your going for seems don’t let anyone tell you to pick another dream just because they didn’t follow theirs. It’s very easy for you to say I want to be x.y.z and people to tutt and laugh at you because they see you as nothing now they can’t no they DON’T want to imagine you doing well or much better than them they know how hard it is to follow that path but they don’t think you have enough strive or commitment to get there. It’s a funny thing about humans we have a sly way of saying things knowing it would be an attempt to knock someone down but without making ourselves look like the bad person we will do everything to belittle a person laugh at them for having what they see as  “ridiculous” thoughts and try to make them feel as low as they are but people always fail to realize that what if someday that same kid, friend, student, associate achieved what they wanted all along and guess what YOU’RE the one who is no longer laughing YOU’RE the one who now wants a part in their success, urgh people like that disgust me it’s horrible to know that they are humans in this world who will only praise you if it adds up to their benefit.

For those people out their who didn’t succeed in life or who do not have any ambition or goals and want to throw people off of what they want to do, never tell someone that they can’t because I can assure you that someday, one day it WILL bite you back in the ass, you’ll be that same person hollering for them to notice you calling them up at 1 in the morning and ask hay girl/ dude wassup do you remember me we use to be locker buddies and were in the same classes, my reply is bullshit, no I don’t remember bloodsucking opportunists but if it clicks back in to my head I will ring you up in 98 years OK. All I can say is that if you weren’t there for me or supported me through my struggle I don’t care who you are you’ll not be there when I actually accomplish what I want, people need to have faith don’t listen to what people who have nothing say and keep moving. Teenagers life is too short to be thinking about smoking the next weed, or getting drunk on a daily figure out something to do that will better you tomorrow because what you’re doing now is not the definition of living. Adults stop forcing your children to follow a career that you want for them, it’s their life and only the can live it, in this world you are allowed to make mistakes fail and start all over again but just because it’s not working RIGHT NOW doesn’t mean it won’t later, patience is key, work hard, keep pushing and everything will form correctly I don’t care what it is you want to be if you have the mind set of success you probably WILL succeed.

Just thought I should get this of my chest.


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F people who think you can’t

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