The importance of self love

I’M so fat, my hips are too thick, my eyebrows are small  I have a big nose, my eyes are too far apart, I’m so bloody ugly… Those are the same words I hear constantly that it’s starting to frustrate my intestines  Can someone explain to my why this world is filled with self-hating psycho freaks who don’t know the meaning of a self-esteem. It’s pains me everyday when I hear someone I know insult themselves or trash talk their appearance because of the pure hatred they have when they take one look in the mirror, it even goes far to the point where they blame their parents…really. I think of course when you go through the teenage phase you’ll obviously find many error/ flaws that you have, it’s difficult for you to accept them so you start under going procedures that will get rid of it even if it means risking your life.

People are so infatuated with the media’s intake of what beauty is that they forget that the image these “fabulous” people on tv portray is often fabricated and deceptive.  I hear many pretty girls say oh I want to be lighter, I want to be thinner, I wish my lips were fuller the first thing that comes to my mind is WAKE UP yes wake up from your pathetic little dreamland of craving perfection. How do I know these self-hated people are asleep it’s because if they were really awake they’d understand that there are more gruesome and horrible things taking place in this miserable world that their little problems or issues doesn’t even compare to the shit that other people are going through. I hate it when people continuously trash talk themselves I’m not sure if it’s for sympathy or if they have re-wired their brains to think negatively but sometimes when I witness this I mentally say to myself if they hate themselves that much why not do everyone a favor from your melodramatic complains and  remove yourself from this world. YES I know it’s harsh but it’s the truth people who complain about little things are the ones that are too lazy to change it or improve it instead they cry and wail to whoever is dumb enough to listen and ask god why they were created this way. You complain about your eyes not being bright enough, well some people were born blind, you hate how stubby your legs are, well some people are stuck with being disabled for the rest of their life, you say how short your hair is, some people lost their hair to cancer and it will never grow back, you hate how you sound when you speak well guess WHAT some people don’t even have a voice, all these  problems and yet those that are unfortunate still live their life without a single moan from them, still trying to survive this earth and not giving a crap what people think and you’re here complaining about the things god hasn’t blessed you with URGH it makes me sick just how dumb certain human beings can be. Don’t get me wrong I understand that NOBODY is perfect, there are things that I as a young girl would love to improve about myself too but with all the things that I can’t change I’ve learned to accept them and move on because those things that I can’t change I tell myself that it could BE worse and someone else is dealing with something even more extreme, there is someone out their who would like to trade lives with me, when I remember this I learn to stay positive and carry on with my life. When you remember this you’ll open your mind up to the world you’ll see that it’s not all about you, you’ll learn to love and accept yourself the same way others will, you’ll understand that at the end of the day the right person will love you for who you are not what you have. We only live once in this crazy world we all shit, bleed and die, no one is above gaining deadly health troubles and no one is above anybody else. SELF LOVE is everything and people need to WAKE UP  and see that. If you don’t like something about yourself change it or improve it if you can’t do either of the two shut the hell up, don’t complain and remember there is nothing that you’re going through that someone isn’t.

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The importance of self love

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