I love to writexxxx

Hello world there are so many reasons why I would like to be author and why I enjoy writing, so i’m going to explain it to you. I personally think writing is another way of being free from the painful planet that we live on by using my imagination to create a fictional world that doesn’t exist and suddenly fall in love with it and bring it to life on paper, knowing that it was my idea, being able to describe everything through my eyes, the characters that play a major role in the story, the captivating story-line with all the action all of this is part of the purpose. I get to be in control of EVERYTHING yes how the story will start continue and end.

I like to write because it helps me improve from my mistakes as I learn from them, I’m able to better myself when it comes to reading other authors work and try to take tips from theirs so that mine will be just as good or even better. Writing is enjoyable people who think it’s boring have never tried it or was influenced in anyway to do it because until you have tried writing you’ll discover that it’s the must funnest thing or hobby to do!!!

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I love to writexxxx

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