Weekly rant

I live in England and right now in London it’s sunny well due to our climate change one day it’s sunny and the rest of the week it rains. Well we are in the spring period and the whether finally decides that that’s enough snow to punish us human beings so the sun has appeared but it’s still as chilly as the inside of a refrigerator what I don’t get is why the minute we get a little sun just a little ray of sunshine all the girls flock to their mini skirts and their tight-ass tank top. I’ve seen boys already show their naked flesh with their shorts hanging forever low and little girls rocking their bikinis with flip-flops and here is me thinking hold up it’s not even summer yet what the hell are these people doing. I just don’t get it sun in spring doesn’t make a difference to the coldness in England, it’s not even warm, they must be suffering. For us real summer starts in July (if we’re lucky) and the rest of the month rain, rain cloud and more rain.

People need to stop yelling out their business on the public bus or train, honestly the train has an area called the quiet zone which means no loudness, stereos, shouting is forbidden, mobile or any other devices that will cause a nuisance too and guess what you get twelve or more scrawny faced students hopping on the train taking up the whole room laughing and shrieking carelessly as they disturb everyone.  Why can I hear your conversation when your sitting at the back of the bus and I’m right at the front. I feel like people blatantly yell out their business to gain attention. I don’t care if you’re six weeks pregnant and you’re thinking about getting rid of it urgh that’s not the kind of thing people (strangers) should know.

  I really don’t like using public toilets because it’s smelly, unclean and causes me to cringe every time I step in one. Only if I’m very desperate and I have no other option because I’m about to piss myself that’s the only time I’d use one but really I know there are caretakers who are paid to clean up after us but it’s still disgusting to find a stained tampon thrown into the toilet, honestly we are not dogs, we are just taking advantage.

Girls who slap make up on their faces and I mean slap, CLOUD it on a daily basis should never be seen without if off. Everyone is use to you looking like a clown and the day you decide to tell yourself I’m gonna go natural the whole world is like BOY JEEZ Brittney is that you! Girls who love make up should learn how to wear it not Cake it on as if the world of Mac and Maybelline is coming to an end.

Movies need to stop being so predictable urgh I’m tired of cliché’s especially the ones in Hollywood, boy meets girl, girl meets boy they fall in love go through problem then live happy ever after, I’m really getting bored of rom-com movies they’re all the same, nothing different.

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Weekly rant

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