Why are people who do absolutely nothing praised with riches and fame! I don’t care if I sound jealous I’ve decided to rant my thoughts out on this page because I really just don’t understand what the 21st century has turned into. Must Entertainment be the key to everything, do people who have not worked hard or earned their fame and fortune have to have some sort of IT factor to make everyone say wow and be drawn to them like that. It’s just a thing that I’ve noticed and it really frustrates me that people pay attention to those that do nothing than to those that do, it’s like nowadays you either have to sleep with a famous person and make a sex tape, post it on world star so the world can see and then poof you’re rich or you create a reality show that talks about crap, sex, your personal life and everything else that we don’t need to know or that is essential to our everyday lives. You can even upload a video of you falling from a balcony and you’d go viral in minutes next thing you know E news is calling you for an interview and your suddenly this massive celebrity. It really disgusts me how sort of easy it is to become famous it’s like people are taking the piss out of those who want to be fortunate and strive for it by going out there to work so they can feed the children, THEMSELVES, the granddad, the grandma, the cats the dogs… whoever is in your household! Some just get their luck handed to them on a silver platter and I sit there and wonder how in the hell did you make it while I’m still here sitting in my small ass bedroom hoping that each day will be a better day and some how in the future I’d pursue my career and be rich or at least comfortable. What career do people who do nothing have and yet they still have tones of money. Honestly if I was that desperate for money I’d ur lie and say lil wayne got me pregnant or worse I slept with half of Young Money including Nikki Minaj (wink wink) the more I publicize it the more famous I’d be, I’d probably get interviews and then make money from there get airtime and gain my own reality show, make MORE money if I get views, brand myself with companies who want to work with me (because I’d be famous and I would have gone global) Mingle with all the other celebrities who have also followed in a similar footstep as me (so I could gain connections)

ALWAYS try to headline the media so that no one will forget me and from there because my face is so popular I’d make lots and LOTS of money all because I’m a blood sucking liar. What are the chances of me getting sued!

BOTTOM LINE IS… I can’t stand people who do not work had or have earned their position, it’s sad that this world has completely changed into a crazy, scary universe that worships bad behavior  people that do not respect their dignity or themselves, people that would degrade themselves all so they can have a bit of extra cash in their pockets. If you haven’t done anything positive to get you to the top, you didn’t even have to break a nail or sweat then you are a walking poster to show it is that easy to be famous.

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