Books vs Film adaptations

What I think’s better…

I prefer the book version than the film because only I can imagine how I want the characters to look like and in my head every fictional character is more defined and is someone that I feel I’m close to where as in a movie it’s completely different, the characters I imagined are not close to what my mind created and I’m sort of stuck with them which is a huge let down. When reading a book the setting, time and place will ALWAYS be loyal to you whether you put the book down and go back to read it you’ll know that you favourite setting will be there, your most preferred scene will always do you proud but in a movie it completely vanishes, the scene is cut because of budget and time, or changed extremely that it differs from the actual book. You look at the movie and start wondering hold up where did this go, wait that didn’t happen. I hate that!


The book is more descriptive, FACT, the writer has taken care of how he or she describes it’s character, it’s personality and everything else making you feel something for the person they introduced to you, you sort of slowly fall in love with the characters which makes you continue to read and read until you reach the end. The character played in a movie are what I call a little edited, there are certain things that are changed or that’s exaggerated so that viewers won’t find them boring and they’ll always be remembered, some producers even take the piss and dress them differently or get them to say words that doesn’t match up with the characters written in the book and that’s where the problem starts, that’s NOT the character you fell in love with. I believe that a book has more to offer than a film, I have nothing against film adaptations but I’m more of a book person. I like to read the text because I think more when I’m reading, I feel something for the characters more, movies get old buts books will always stay, not every film adaption is a big flop but I enjoy exploring characters through the writers words than watching producers take something decent from the pages of the book, change and spoil the whole thing for me so yeah out of books vs film adaptations I’m a book girl!


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Books vs Film adaptations

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