I can’t stand it/ i hate it part 2

I can’t stand it/ I hate it when part 2

I can’t stand it when people attention seek especially those who pretend to be loud so that they can cause attraction to themselves, it’s annoying and it needs to be stopped.

I hate it when people tell me something that’s secretive, they’ll say I shouldn’t tell a soul and I’d comply but they’ll be the first to go around letting everyone know what the secret is.

I can’t stand it when I miss a step or trip on the pavement as cars drive by it’s bloody embarrassing especially if it’s near a busy street Or worse near a group of people standing buy.

I hate it when I plan to do something and someone distracts me then I forget about what it is that I was about to do. Urgh.

I can’t stand it when people compare to someone or say hay you look just like… No I look exactly like myself thank you.

I hate it when I’m in my own cubicle of the toilet and I get self-conscious on whether people can hear me pee on the other side.

I can’t stand it when everything in my head makes absolute sense but when I speak my thoughts a bunch full of crap comes out of my mouth.


I hate It when I expect a call from someone really important but when I check the caller id it’s someone that’s the complete opposite. That’s 2 seconds of my life I will never get back.

I can’t stand waking up early in the morning of course no one does.

I hate it when I use to play the game 21 dares and 90 percent of the time the number 21 WOULD land on me.

 I can’t stand SNOW I hate snow it stops me from doing what I want to do outside, I normally fall on my face, it make the trains arrive later, and there’s always a hectic traffic jam that lasts for endless hours.

I hate it when I buy something I dunno a chocolate from the store but when I go to another I find out they were selling the SAME chocolate for a much cheaper price. I’m not about to go through the process of returning the chocolate signing a receipt, explain why I didn’t want the item and then get my money back… that’s hard work.

I can’t stand it when a stranger constantly stares at me it literally creeps me out especially when I turn to them and expect them to look away and they’re STILL staring, that is freaky.

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I can’t stand it/ i hate it part 2

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