I can’t stand it / I hate it when…

I can’t stand it/ I hate it when…


I can’t stand it when you compliment someone on how attractive they are and they reply

Oh I’m ugly”. I feel like shrugging my shoulders and agreeing with them I mean come on it’s like they want validation that they’re pretty so you can flatter them some more and say “You’re wrong you’re so beautiful and perfect in every way”… get real.


I can’t stand it when I’m trying to walk as fast as possible because I’m in a rush and that’s when someone decides to cut in front of me and walk as slow as ever until I want to physically boot them out of the way.


I hate it when I say  something to someone and that specific person heard exactly what I said but because they want to show off or be funny in front of others they’ll pretend to “Misinterpret” what I said for e.g  “Tom can I put my fingers in your hair”

Tom says, “What? Did you just say can I put my fingers in your pants?”

Honestly how the hell did he hear the word pants?


I can’t stand it when someone gives me a rude compliment. It makes sense. The person basically says something nice but follows it off with something rude because they don’t want you to 1, either feel 100 percent good about yourself or 2 because they’re jealous freaks who should not say anything at all, another e.g “Your hair look nice tiffany but you could have made it a bit thicker so it wouldn’t be as thin as it is”. Argh I hate that.


I hate it when there are times where I don’t exactly need something but I’ll remember it or keep it with me but the day It becomes essential that when It’s not with me. I always put my umbrella in my bag no matter what the weather is a couple of weeks ago I decided to change my bag so I took out all my items from it and transferred it into the new bag except for the umbrella. I walked to the bus stop far from my house and guess what? It was raining. The water had soaked my new extensions and my hair started to stick to my forehead and smell.


I don’t like it when people play the sympathy card to get themselves out of a situation. Urgh I know I seem heartless but really I’m not I just can’t stand it when people tell me sob stories so that people feel sorry for them or they can gain friendship out of it. I mean really get over it there is not one person In this world who isn’t going through what you’re going through or worse…


I can’t stand it when people (friends) bang on about they’re boyfriends or girlfriends 24/7 they go on about how perfect they are and how wonderful they treat them and how “Flawless” their relationship is but when they dump their asses or break up with them they’ll return back talking about how much they despise them. Keep it to yourself not everyone needs to know what’s going on in your relationship.


I ABSLOUTELY hate it when I’m just in the middle of eating something mouth-wateringly tasty and some IDIOT decides to knock it out of my hand. Whether it’s by accident or on purpose I don’t care, I was enjoying that sandwich.


I look at some people and think to myself that they must crave to embarrass themselves. I can’t stand it when they boast about how much of a great singer they are but when you hear their voices it sounds like a cat dying… especially when they attempt to hit the high notes, urgh. You try to suppress your laughter but you can’t, you bellow in their faces but still tell them they were GREAT.


I hate it when someone asks me to give my opinion on something and they get all hot headed about it because it’s something they didn’t want to hear. Like honestly it’s better  if I’m truthful than dishonest.

I hate it when I debate about something holding my ground and telling people that I’m right and I end up being proven wrong and looking like the dumb fool… oh well in my heart I still tell  myself I’m right.


Part 2 of I can’t stand it/ I hate it when will continue next week.

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I can’t stand it / I hate it when…

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