Crappy celebrities and their BS

Crappy celebrities and their BS  



I’m tired or hearing the bullshit lives of celebrities and the crap they go through on a daily basis. Urgh, before they became famous honestly didn’t they think it all through, the fame, the glam, the harsh rumours and spiteful shit they’d get once they made it. What I don’t understand is when they finally get their riches and fricking success they throw their tantrums and get all bloody upset because they had one bad day… oh sorry go to the slums of India and see the poor kids who have “bad days” everyday. Now I’m no celebrity so I don’t know how it feels, I want to be recognized for my work but not infamous and overly glamorized there’s a big difference, but one thing I’m aware of when you become famous is how drastic your life will change, how big your head will swell and how much attention you’d suddenly get. I can’t stand it when I hear celebrities rant off if one person makes a comment that is not acceptable for them or if it’s what their ears don’t want to hear. There are THOUSANDS of people who probably hate their guts so get over it. I’m sure that when you become a celebrity you sign up for a lot of things depending on what career path you want to choose. If you want to be a singer, actress or comedian you’re agreeing to be in the spotlight, you’re agreeing to be criticized by horrible people who can’t stand you, you’re signing a contract to be manufactured into a money making machine because when you’re hyped or popular and business people start exchanging deals with you that’s what you automatically become. Most of all you are  100 percent accepting the fact that your life will be publicised, nothing will be sane anymore, secrets will be revealed, stories of you will be told whether it’s true or false and a big fat picture of you will be plastered on magazines and newspapers for the whole world to see… Isn’t that lovely.

So if these so called celebrities know this please tell me why the hell they are throwing a fit, yeah we get they’re human and just like every other person blah blah blah but honestly I don’t give a crap it’s not a good enough excuse. They wanted this. They worked for this and if THEY can’t take it well retire of better yet give it to someone who will trade all to occupy what they are.

I’m going to say it how I see it tabloids, business people and all the other team that work with these infamous people don’t give a shit about them. They wouldn’t care if they died, or snorted drugs, encounter an accident or killed someone as long as they make their money and turn them into a worldwide brand to gain profit that’s all it is. Newspapers want to sell the juiciest stories  so they can feed the mouths of their families, business people want to use the most “hottest” person out there so that their names can be put on the map, all for their own selfishness and greed. They don’t care who they hurt or who is upset. Once celebrities gain fans people forget that they’re human and start to think they are some sort of alien, putting them on this high pedestal and often when they’re consistent many will applaud them but the minute they slip so much hatred will be thrown at them. That’s just how it is. I’m done with looking up to celebrities because at the end of the day they make mistakes like every other person but when they get all heated because they can’t handle the baggage that they added to their lives that’s what frustrates me. If you’re going to become something weigh out the pros and cons, understand it’s not going to be easy and you will have a lot of people who will hate you and possibly send death threats. If you can’t stand the pressure that comes with it all, the mainstream spotlight, the attention then DON’T DO IT because it’s not for you.


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Crappy celebrities and their BS

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