2 faced/Fake people (friends)

2 faced- Fake people (mainly friends)


There is a difference between tolerating people and being 2 faced to them. In my opinion when you tolerate people it means you dislike them but you respect them regardless or have the decency to be kind to them. If you are 2 faced you befriend them, pay them nothing but compliments and paint the illusion that you like them whilst when their backs are turned you’ll be the first to say nothing but horrible things about them.

Anyone can be 2 faced your parents, your friends, brothers and sisters absolutely anyone.


Just because the people you walk by smile at you and say hello doesn’t mean their your friends or they actually like you. The associates that you come across with may want you dead; the so called friends that you hang with probably would stab you in chest if they had a chance. Now I’m the type of person who can dislike a person and talk smack shit about them behind their backs but does this mean I’m 2faced? Not necessarily. I say this because firstly if I don’t like someone or I feel I have a problem with them I’d tell them or they’d see it in my actions and how I address them. I talk differently to those that I like, I’m more friendly, sociable and chatty if I say goodbye to them I will give them a hug or a pat goodbye but  if I dislike that one person I’d do the complete opposite and just tell them goodbye (well most of the times I’d not say anything at all). I won’t be chatty with them, I’d be formal I won’t be friendly and I certainly will not be caught dead seen around town with them. Judging by how differently I treat them they’d quickly know that I’m not fond of them, they’d know I don’t want to be friends with them and they certainly won’t be surprised if I’m talking crap about them behind their backs.

Everyone is bitchy, everyone always has something negative to say about each other but what is not excusable, what is not acceptable is someone you call a friend, someone who you class as your family blatantly slating you to others, insulting you one day and is your best friend the next that right there is someone with a fake identity making you believe they are all saint and holy. Now I’ve been bitched about by so called “Friends” before and how do I know because secrets never lasts forever and duh they were exposed. I remember being told by a source all the things this “friend” said and well it wasn’t pretty but what did I do? I stopped being friends with this particular person; I put distance between the two of us and never contacted or spoke to the person again.


Why did I do this because firstly in my opinion a friend that speaks nothing but acidic words about you are the ones who can kill you. Yeah I know it seems over exaggerated but think about it… Not just in words but actions too. If anyone close to you can stab you behind your back then what is the difference if they stabbed you physically and killed you? Honestly you think that they don’t feel hatred for you, you think they were forced to do or say what they did, I don’t want to hear about “the peer pressure crap”, if you’re guilty you’re guilty. The words flew freely from their mouths; their actions were done by only them and if they could do this then tell me how can they not stab you physically. I’d rather have a few friends than be surrounded by plastics, if their fake then that is what they are, if they carry a false identity then indeed that’s what they are. Quantity of friends don’t matter to me, it’s more of the quality and whether I have three of four at least I know it’s those same friends that prove to me they will be there for me in the long run. How I see it is if your best friend of a long time or even your family can hurt you and be fake towards you then ANYONE can. Don’t be afraid to cut off the people who are wrong for you. Don’t be afraid to distance yourself from those who pretend and create illusions I’m not about that life. If I call you my friend then you are my friend it’s as simple as that.

We aren’t perfect as human beings and this is why we need to check ourselves and the people we hang around with. Honestly If you know the type of “friend” you have then don’t foolishly stick with them because you’ll loose that person and then later on be surprised if they repeat what they did to you again, you’re better off without them anyways. There’s nothing wrong in questioning your friends if you have doubts but the minute you think they are too good to be true well most of the times that’s because they are…..



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FEY Kegsx

2 faced/Fake people (friends)

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