Same sex marriage: my thoughts about it

Lifestyle: Marriage for homosexuals, my opinion

A lot of people have different views on same sex marriage some agree and some disagree with the whole concept of it. I want to stress my views on marriage for homosexuals and my reasons for this.

It’s 2013 and Civil Marriage is officially made legal in Catholic churches of the United Kingdom, a couple of weeks ago some one very close to me stated “I don’t think civil marriage should be made legal it is a sin, marriage was created for heterosexuals and heterosexuals only, it’s wrong and it’s a sin before god”. When this person said this I strongly disagreed and the topic resulted into a debate and at the end of the day I never really got my views across now on this page I’m going to express my thoughts onto paper and tell you why I disagree with this person.

Firstly I’m a Christian and in the bible Jesus said that we should not judge others and accept them for who they are. If the pope or priests were ignorant to gay people and decided to not acknowledge them or their nature wouldn’t that make them hypocrites. Priests claim that they follow Jesus teachings and spend the time quoting his words to others but if they cannot fulfil Jesus’ words it does indeed make them hypocritical and it only means they too are living in sin.

Secondly “Marriage was created for Heterosexuals” Ha I laughed so hard when this person said this as I reminisced what I learnt in Religious Education. It is a sin for two human beings officially bonded together as one in the eyes of god to divorce, before you enter the world of matrimonial life you promise your significant other that you will be at their side “Till death do us part” so… please tell me why celebrities can get a divorce 72 days after their marriage and it’s completely ok. Oh so when heterosexuals decide to get married and file for a divorce it’s not a sin.

There are many, thousands of heterosexuals who have filed for a divorce without even making it to their 10th anniversary, lived in war, greed, dividing up the family and going against every important vowel that they shared to one another before the priest and god. It’s pathetic!

Rates in the EU for divorces has gone up to 1.8 on average for every 1,000 people and that’s what I don’t understand, if civil marriage is a “sin” well isn’t these high numbers of divorce rate a sin too?

Lastly I know it sounds damn right cheesy well I’m a corny person so I don’t really care but I believe in love and happiness I think if two people love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives with each other without having to be judged without having to feel like some sort of outcast don’t they have the right to be happy despite who they are. I think  that people need to understand this being gay is not a choice it’s not a disease that you can cure you can’t just take them to your local church sprinkle them with holy water and assume that God has “healed” them. It’s not witch craft neither are they possessed by the devil they are normal human beings who fall in the love the same way every other person does so when they love someone that’s not the opposite sex that’s when it becomes a problem, that’s when they are no longer normal. Honestly can anyone even define the word normal?

I’m heterosexual and I would like to get married to the man of my dreams in the future but I don’t view this as “normal” or “ordinary” or the way it’s supposed to be I just want to be happy like everybody else and spend the rest of my life linked to the person I love and if I want this, you want this well… Think of how gay people feel. I have a few friends that are gay but dread getting married someday because they feel they will not be accepted by the world well you know what I say F the world because it’s full of messed up people anyways. There are some gay married couples who have been together for YEARS and still together.

In conclusion I completely agree with civil Marriage and in my opinion it should have been legal a long time ago….

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Live, love and be happy

FEY Kegs x


Same sex marriage: my thoughts about it

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